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At Indeed, we strive to constantly improve the job search experience for our users. To that end, we are always testing new ideas on our site. Some of these ideas succeed and are rolled out to all users, and some do not deliver on their promise. It’s okay for ideas to fail — in fact, you have to have many failures to find the best ideas. The important thing is to fail fast. Along these lines, we are very pleased to announce some new experimental features today.

The Classics Never Die

From our home page, you can click on “Preview the new Indeed (beta)” to see the first experimental feature, which we call “Help Wanted.” We built this feature to address some serious user experience concerns:

  1. Why do we show so few jobs on each search result page? Couldn’t we fit more on the screen?
  2. Why have we abandoned the successful display formats of the past?
  3. Why do we make users tell us what they are searching for? Wouldn’t a lot of users prefer to just browse all the jobs in their area?

These questions led us to a classic paradigm. Check it out — we hope you love it.

screen shot of the new Indeed

Cute Is A Feature

You’ll notice our other experimental feature when you do a job search or log in to edit your Indeed Resume. On those pages you’ll find a cute and helpful little penguin we call “Jobby.” Jobby has some helpful tips for you in your job search!

User Experience Lead Chris Garcia said, “We’ve tried a lot of ideas over the years to improve the job search experience, but never before have we involved animated talking animals. This should be interesting.” When asked about his contribution, designer Hans Krebs added, “I can’t believe they asked me to animate a penguin. I love my job.”

Developers involved in implementing Jobby were heard to say, in nostalgic tones, “Clippy got a raw deal.” If you agree, we think you’ll love Jobby. If not, or if you have something against penguins, feel free to click the “Hide Jobby” link and he’ll leave you alone.

screen shot

How Fast Can We Fail

We’re so excited to test these new features that we are skipping our usual rigorous A/B testing process and making them available to everyone, starting today. We have high hopes that you’ll love them. Or they may be our fastest failures yet.

UPDATE 2013/04/02: These features have been discontinued. Bob Füscation is no longer associated with Indeed.

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