@IndeedEng: Managing Experiments and Behavior Dynamically with Proctor

We are pleased to announce the next talk in our @IndeedEng speaker series:

@IndeedEng: Managing Experiments and Behavior Dynamically with Proctor Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 7:00 PM (RSVP)

At this very moment, Indeed is running more than one hundred A/B experiments.  In previous @IndeedEng talks, we have discussed how we use A/B testing to develop better products.

In our next tech talk, software engineer Matt Schemmel and product manager Tom Bergman will describe Proctor, the system we developed to define and manage all of these experiments.  They will explain how we use Proctor to target users using data-driven rules, adjust experiments on-the-fly, and ensure clean results for multi-variate tests.  Over time, Proctor has evolved from a system designed for managing experiments to one that manages overall system behavior through dynamic “feature toggle” functionality. Matt and Tom will also share lessons we have learned from years of experimenting at web scale.

Matt Schemmel is a Senior Software Engineer working primarily on our Resume products.

Tom Bergman is a Product Manager currently working on our Aggregation systems. He previously helped evolve many of Indeed’s data analysis tools, and also helped us launch and grow our sites in Japan, Korea, and China.


Detailed directions to Indeed are available at http://go.indeed.com/directions.

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