Announcing inDNA: Indeed delivers job recommendations based on your DNA!

Today, we are proud to announce the release of inDNA, DNA-based job recommendations delivered directly to your mobile device.

Through our partnerships with top research universities, we have been able to isolate the DNA sequences that determine a job seeker’s true passions. From there, we developed our proprietary algorithm which matches your genome sequence to jobs that best suit your genetic makeup.

“The technology behind inDNA is quite simple,” said Gaurav Mathur, Software Engineer. “The job seeker applies her tongue to the mobile device. This action registers a touch event and the code is transported to our genetic cloud where we synthesize your DNA in software to provide you hyper-personalized search results.”

We celebrated the announcement of inDNA’s availability, on April 1, 2014, with a ring of the gong in our Austin office. Following the announcement, Indeeders in our offices around the world began licking their mobile devices to try out DNA-based job recommendations for themselves.

“We have worked tirelessly over the years to provide the fastest, simplest job search experience possible, but I never expected saliva-based job matching to be within reach during my lifetime,” says Jack Humphrey, Engineering Director.

Where will Indeed take this technology next? Our Engineering team is combining the core algorithm developed for inDNA with our genealogical job database to provide job recommendations based on your family tree. inTREE (as we’re calling it in alpha) will deliver job recommendations based on generations of your family history. Imagine seeing suggested jobs based on the work of your great-great-great-great grandfather who worked as a blacksmith during the Civil War!

To learn more about inDNA, visit

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