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Increasing delivery velocity with a service mesh at Indeed
Joshua Shanks
4:15pm to 4:55pm on Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Business Summit and Case Studies
Location: D139/140
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The state of the Open Source job market
Raquel Araujo
1:45pm to 2:25pm on Thursday, July 19, 2018
Location: E143/144
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Software Engineer – Open Source (San Francisco)

Tools Engineer – Open Source (San Francisco)

Indeed Open Source

Indeed is the world’s number #1 job site, and it’s powered by data-driven decision making. To support this data-driven approach, we’ve built and open sourced tools for A/B testing and handling large-scale analytics. These projects, Proctor and Imhotep, are available at along with a number of other useful utilities.

Proctor is Indeed’s open source A/B testing framework. Proctor enables data-driven product design and can be integrated into any web application.

Imhotep is a large-scale analytics platform. Imhotep enables fast, interactive, ad hoc queries and aggregate results for large time-series data sets.

Learn more at

Learn more about Imhotep

Open-Source Interactive Data Analytics with Imhotep

Tech Talk: Imhotep: Large Scale Analytics and Machine Learning at Indeed

Tech Talk: Large Scale Interactive Analytics with Imhotep

Tech Talk: Interactive Analytics with Imhotep

Learn more about Proctor

Proctor: Indeed’s A/B Testing Framework

How Indeed Uses Proctor for A/B Testing

Using Proctor for A/B Testing from a Non-Java Platform

Tech Talk: Managing Experiments and Behavior Dynamically with Proctor

Other open source libraries and utilities

Indeed MPH: Fast and Compact Immutable Key-Value Stores

Gracefully Degrading Functionality Using Status

Status: A Java Library For Robust System Status Health Checks

Finding Anomalies in User Behavior with Python

Memory Mapping with util-mmap

Efficient Query String Parsing with util-urlparsing