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Panel: The Reality of Mobile Software Development

This talk was held on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 7:00pm

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Mobile software development is not an up-and-coming trend, it is the reality we face today as software developers. The sea change brought about by the introduction of the iPhone seven years ago has transformed how we build software products that meet the needs of our users.

In this panel discussion, mobile experts from Evernote, HomeAway, Indeed, and RetailMeNot will address challenging questions faced by startups, independent developers, and established software companies alike, including:

  • How can you remain focused and effective when developing for desktop, phone, and tablet platforms?
  • How do you decide whether to develop native apps or mobile-optimized web applications?
  • What is different and unique about the mobile user experience, and what questions can you ask to help shape the best possible mobile offerings?

This talk is for engineers, product managers, and designers from companies of any size who want to better understand how the rise of mobile has transformed software product development.


Alex Devine has been a software developer at technology startups in Austin since 2000. He started working at HomeAway in 2006, originally focusing on backend services and search functionality. Since March of 2013 he has been Architect for Mobile, overseeing software architecture for HomeAway’s native iOS and Android applications.

David J. Reese serves as a Principal Software Engineer at RetailMeNot, primarily responsible for building highly scalable API infrastructure and content delivery system to support RetailMeNot’s iPhone, iPad and Android applications.  Over the last 20 years, David has worked on dozens of web apps, mobile apps and games across PC, console and iOS platforms.

J Christopher Garcia is the User Experience Director at Indeed. Chris helped launch Indeed’s mobile website and was the sole iOS developer at Indeed for several years. He continues to work on mobile job search, A/B testing new features and improvements.

John M. P. Knox is a Senior iOS Developer at Evernote where he helps build Skitch and Evernote. He’s been developing apps since 2008, and before that developed tools for the semiconductor industry. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him making photographs and windsurfing.

Panel moderator Chris Hyams is SVP of Product & International at Indeed. Prior to Indeed, Chris was founder of B-Side, an Austin-based company that provided digital distribution, marketing, and analytics technology for the film industry. Prior to B-Side, he was VP of Engineering at Trilogy Software.