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Accelerating Delivery with Metrics-Driven Insights

This talk was held on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 1:00pm

Imagine your team starts to work on a feature Monday at 10am, and it goes live Thursday at 10am. We call that difference delivery lead time – in this case, a very respectable three days.

When you decrease delivery lead time, you increase productivity. Improving productivity allows your teams to learn and evolve at an agile pace. If your project has 10 full-time contributors, a 10% gain in productivity is like adding another up-to-speed team member.

In this Virtual CTO Summit 2020 session, Jack Humphrey tells the story of how we reduced delivery lead time across Indeed by more than 40% in less than a year. Jack explains how we developed our metrics and set goals to motivate the right kind of change. He also discusses our interactive tools that deliver actionable insights to teams.

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