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From Engineer to Leader: Finding Your Path

This talk was held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 5:30pm

How do engineering leaders bootstrap themselves in their first leadership role? How do they grow their skills and develop a style over time? Most don’t do it all on their own. They take advantage of mentors, role models, training classes, and a plethora of recommended books.

Maybe you love reading books on management and leadership. Or maybe, like the speaker, you’ve read quite a few first chapters and felt guilty for neglecting the rest.

There are many ways to lead, and your leadership journey is your own. In this talk, Jack provided insight into his own guiding principles for being a useful leader. He shared the techniques he has used to understand himself as a leader and chart his own path.

He even recommended some books.

Following Jack’s talk, senior leaders at Indeed joined him for a panel discussion. They talked about how they got to where they are in their career, what challenges they’ve encountered, and how they’ve developed their own leadership styles.