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Scaling Software Platforms: gRPC Java & Gettin’ Sparky with It

This talk was held on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 5:30pm

We featured two talks centered around the theme of scaling software platforms.

We’re updating the accompanying videos. Please check back later.

Moving to gRPC Java

Senior Software Engineer Mya Pitzeruse explored the challenges she faced while considering a large scale move from Indeed’s proprietary services framework to gRPC. She described her process of establishing testing parameters, building baseline metrics, simulating workloads, and the lessons we learned from this investigation.

Gettin’ Sparky with It: Building an Integrated Machine Learning Pipeline

Data scientist/engineer duo Bryan Davis and Avadh Patel presented systems that they developed at Indeed to aid in the training and deployment of machine learning models. Attendees left with a better understanding of the challenges data scientists face bringing their models to a production setting. Bryan and Avadh explored possible solutions that arise from data science and engineering collaboration.