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Quantifying Empathy with Service Level Objectives

This talk was held on Wednesday, August 08, 2018 at 6:30pm

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On August 8 at 6:30pm, Indeed hosted a tech talk on site reliability engineering (SRE) and creating good service level objectives (SLOs) for your products.

Ketan Gangatirkar, VP of Engineering for Indeed’s Job Seeker products, discussed “Quantifying Empathy through Service Level Objectives.”

Good SLOs mirror your users’ and business needs. When your users hurt, you want to know it. By feeling your users’ pain, you can discover the levels of service that hit the sweet spot of reliability, product success, and operability. It’s empathy, but measured and quantified.

Attendees left this tech talk with:

  • Step-by-step guidance to finding, collecting, and understanding the inputs that inform good SLOs
  • An introduction to the different classes of SLOs and when to use them, including real-world examples
  • Practical advice to measure, validate, and improve the reliability of your products

This talk was aimed at helping site reliability engineers, product managers, tech leads, and managers set better service level objects for their products. The goal was to share insight and knowledge if you’re in one of these roles — or aspire to be. And to leave with concrete examples of how SLOs built with empathy can improve the quality of your products.

This talk was originally presented at SRECon Asia / Australia 2018

Indeed also hosted two lightning talks on August 8:

New SRE on the block

Presenter: Claire McQuin

New role, new company, and tons to learn: this is my story of becoming a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Indeed. I discussed my transition from a Software Engineer in the biomedical field to an SRE for the world’s #1 job site. I explained why I wanted to make this change and how Indeed supported this career move. Indeed provides a unique, immersive onboarding experience that eased my transition into a new role at a new company and enabled me to contribute value early and often. This talk provided an understanding of the SRE role at Indeed and why you just might want to make this change too!

Maintaining reliability during technical churn

Presenter: Nick Whelan

New application features—especially those requiring application or data migrations—pose a potential risk to reliability and service level objectives (SLOs). Removing features also poses unique challenges, such as setting user expectations or migration to new applications. I talked about strategies to maintain reliability and SLOs in these situations. Building on those strategies, I walked through a recent migration from a prototype to a new production implementation that resulted in zero downtime, zero data loss, and no transparent effect on the end user.