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When to DIY

This talk was held on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 5:30pm

Indeed hosted a tech talk in our new Austin office at The Domain. In three talks, we explore the choice between using off-the-shelf solutions and rolling up your sleeves and building a solution yourself.

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From Daemonizer to Spring Boot: Unlocking Developer Velocity

Daemonizer is Indeed’s in-house Java application framework, providing developer facilities around the Spring framework and Tomcat. Ten years ago, Daemonizer provided a lightweight alternative to JEE containers and did a great job of meeting our needs. However, keeping an in-house framework of this nature in sync with industry standards became a full-time job — one we haven’t kept up. Our framework has fallen behind many of the readily available, off-the-shelf open source alternatives. Enter Spring Boot 2: an open source, Java-based application framework we have decided to replace Daemonizer with after exploring the pros and cons of building or buying a framework necessary to meet our current needs.

Auditing the Auditor

The Indeed Money teams adhere to J-SOX requirements in many of the systems we build and manage. As a result, we must ensure that modifications are approved at specific points in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. One of the most important approvals occurs during production deployments. During deployments, we validate that all commits are covered by code reviews — and this can be very time consuming. In this talk, you’ll learn about Beholder and how this tool works to ensure we adhere to J-SOX processes when making modifications to our financial processing systems.

But Why Reinvent the Wheel? The Case for (Yet Another) Distributed Database

The Data Infrastructure team at Indeed uses many open source technologies to provide a data platform for the rest of the company. But sometimes, the team encounters problems that existing solutions can’t solve, and we have to build something new for the platform. In this presentation, you’ll get an overview of the distributed storage technology space and some of its most interesting challenges. You will also learn about one significant problem Indeed was facing that led us to build an entirely new in-house database.