Engineering at Indeed

Welcome to Indeed’s engineering blog. For the last 8 years, our team has been building the software that has made Indeed the #1 job site worldwide: over 85 million unique visitors search for jobs on Indeed each month. We offer this service in more than 50 countries and 26 languages. Update 12/4/2014: At our 10-year mark, 150 million unique visitors conduct job searches on Indeed each month and we offer the service in 28 languages.

Indeed employee wearing "I help people get jobs" t-shirt

We like our mission: we help people get jobs. “What’s best for the job seeker?” is a question that we ask ourselves every day. That’s at the core of what makes Indeed special, but there are a few other reasons we think Indeed is a fantastic place to be a software developer. Delivering the best job seeker experience at scale means we get to work on interesting technical challenges. We make data-based decisions using tools that allow us to test and measure ideas. And we have a high bar for hiring, so we get to work with people we respect and want to learn from.

We appreciate how some of the great engineering blogs out there (including Twitter, Netflix, and Etsy) have contributed to the community by sharing what works (and sometimes what doesn’t). We want to contribute to that discussion by sharing what we’ve learned at Indeed. Our first few posts will include an overview of our event logging architecture and an introduction to our unique service framework. We’ll occasionally share tidbits about other fun stuff like hackathons and pinball machines, but mostly we want to talk about the technology that we get to work on every day. Follow us on Twitter @IndeedEng and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Working @ Indeed Austin