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Shifting Modes: Creating a Program to Support Sustained Resilience

Originally published on InfoQ. Imagine for a moment that you work at a company that continuously ships customer-facing software. Say that your organization has managed to do the impossible and stopped having any serious incidents — you’ve achieved 100% reliability. Your product is successful. It’s fast, useful, usable, and reliable. Adoption increases, users desire new features, and […]

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The Benefits of Hindsight: A Metrics-Driven Approach to Coaching

In a previous post, I described using a measure-question-learn-improve cycle to drive improvements to development processes. In this post, I assert that this cycle can also help people understand their own opportunities for improvement and growth. It can be a powerful coaching tool — when used correctly. At Indeed, we’ve developed an internal web app […]

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Metrics-Driven Process Improvement: A Case Study

In the previous post, I described how we use a measure-question-learn-improve cycle to refine development processes. To reiterate: Measure everything we possibly can. Learn by asking questions and exploring the data we’ve collected. Use our learnings to try to improve. Measure continuously to confirm improvement. At Indeed, we get as much data as we can […]

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