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Audit Your Web Applications with AVA

Hosting a web application is an excellent way to expose useful services to the public, but it comes at a cost: vulnerabilities in your web apps could allow attackers to access important systems, endangering your customers and your business. The Indeed Security team developed Another Vulnerability Auditor (AVA) to address this problem. By using AVA […]

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Improving Security with OAudit Toolbox

Trust is a big part of why Indeed continues to be the world’s number one job site. Users trust us to keep their information safe. We’ve always taken our responsibilities seriously, and as abuse of personal data continues to dominate the news, we cannot afford to lose diligence. That’s why we need to keep our […]

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A Bounty of Security

“Do what’s best for the job seeker.” This has been Indeed’s guiding principle since the beginning. One way we put the job seeker first is by keeping their information safe and secure. We always consider the security of our systems as we develop the services that millions of people use every day. But someone will […]

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