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The Benefits of Hindsight: A Metrics-Driven Approach to Coaching

In a previous post, I described using a measure-question-learn-improve cycle to drive improvements to development processes. In this post, I assert that this cycle can also help people understand their own opportunities for improvement and growth. It can be a powerful coaching tool — when used correctly. At Indeed, we’ve developed an internal web app […]

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Using Metrics to Improve the Development Process (and Coach People)

In the previous post, I described Imhotep, our scalable, efficient, and fast open source data analytics platform. Imhotep helps us use metrics at Indeed for fast, iterative experimentation, which drives improvement to our products. Improving process and coaching people We use the same tools and techniques to improve development processes, following a measure-question-learn-improve cycle: Measure […]

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New Eng Manager at Indeed? First: Write Some Code

I joined Indeed in March 2016 as an “industry hire” manager for software engineers. At Indeed, engineering managers act as individual contributors (ICs) before taking on more responsibilities. Working with my team as an IC prepared me to be a more effective manager. Before my first day, I talked with a few engineering managers about what […]

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