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I Challenge you to a Duel: Indeed’s 2013-2014 coding competitions

This past February, 136 collegiate coders from UT Austin, UIUC, MIT, UTokyo and 10 other Japanese universities gathered in classrooms across the nation to compete in Indeed’s Coding Duel. This “final showdown” coding competition resulted from the culmination of two duels held in Fall 2013, in the United States and Japan. Where the Fall 2013 […]

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Announcing inDNA: Indeed delivers job recommendations based on your DNA!

Today, we are proud to announce the release of inDNA, DNA-based job recommendations delivered directly to your mobile device. Through our partnerships with top research universities, we have been able to isolate the DNA sequences that determine a job seeker’s true passions. From there, we developed our proprietary algorithm which matches your genome sequence to […]

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