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The Importance of Using a Composite Metric to Measure Performance

A still image depicting a page loading evenly over four seconds

In the past, Indeed has used a variety of metrics to evaluate our client-side performance, but we’ve tended to focus on one at a time. Traditionally, we chose a single performance metric and used it as the measuring stick for whether we were improving or degrading the user experience.  This made it simple to track […]

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Indeed SRE: An Inside Look

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash Indeed adds over 30 million jobs online every month, which helps connect 250 million job seekers to prospective employers. How do we keep our services available, fast, and scalable? That’s the ongoing challenge for our site reliability engineering (SRE) team. What is SRE? The idea behind SRE is simple: […]

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Speed Matters, But It Isn’t Everything

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash Over the last few years at Indeed, we noticed our public-facing web applications were loading more slowly. We tested numerous ways to improve performance. Some were very successful, others were not. We improved loading speeds by 40% but we also learned that speed is not always the most important […]

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