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Efficient Query String Parsing with util-urlparsing

We’re excited to announce the open source release of util-urlparsing, a Java library we created to parse URL query strings without unnecessary intermediate object creation. It also includes number parsing methods in ParseUtils that are faster than Java’s equivalent methods like Integer.parseInt and Float.parseFloat. Java versions 1.6 and lower have a significant flaw that leads […]

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5 Tips For a Best. Hackathon. Ever.

It’s been a week since the 5th Semi-Annual Indeed Music, Food and Art Festival Hackathon and I’ve fully caught up on my sleep. How did it go? Screenshot from IndeedFeed: “Best. Hackathon. Ever.” Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned for putting on hackathons. Tip 1: Pick a theme, but have room for interpretation. Although […]

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