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Using Proctor for A/B Testing from a Non-Java Platform

We’re excited to announce the open sourcing of proctor-pipet, a tool we created that allows you to deploy Proctor as a remote service. proctor-pipet is a Java web application that exposes Proctor as a simple REST API accessible over HTTP. This means that you can do A/B testing in applications written in non-JVM languages like Python. […]

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Proctor: Indeed’s A/B Testing Framework

(Editor’s Note: This post is the first of a series about Proctor, Indeed’s open source A/B testing framework.) A/B Testing at Indeed Indeed’s mission is to help people get jobs. We are always asking ourselves the question “What’s best for the jobseeker?” We answer that question by testing and measuring everything. We strive to test […]

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@IndeedEng: “Diving deeper into data-driven product design” slides & video

Earlier this year, we introduced Indeed’s philosophy on A/B testing with an @IndeedEng series talk on “Data-driven product design.”  We further explored this topic with “Diving deeper into data-driven product design” during a follow-up talk on July 24th. In this presentation, Graham Davis, Senior Product Manager for Employer Products, and Donald Wysocki, Product Director for […]

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