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Indeed + Hacktoberfest 2020: By The Numbers

Indeed + Hacktoberfest 2020 is in the books! We’re thrilled to share our results. External focus Internal focus As a Hacktoberfest Community Partner, we engaged directly with the external community. 1 external landing page 1 case study 6 supported open source projects tagged with the ‘hacktoberfest’ label 11 virtual office hours 437 commits into our […]

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k8dash: Indeed’s Open Source Kubernetes Dashboard

So you’ve got your first Kubernetes (also known as k8s) cluster up and running. Congratulations! Now, how do you operate the thing? Deployments, replica sets, stateful sets, pods, ingress, oh my! Getting Kubernetes running can feel like a big enough challenge in and of itself, but does day two of operations need to be just […]

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Jackson: A Growing User Base Presents New Challenges

Jackson is a mature and feature-rich open source project that we use, support, and contribute to here at Indeed. In my previous post, I introduced Jackson’s core competency as a JSON library for Java. I went on to describe the additional data formats, data types, and JVM languages Jackson supports. In this post, I will […]

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