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Recognize Class Imbalance with Baselines and Better Metrics

In my first machine learning course as an undergrad, I built a recommender system. Using a dataset from a social music website, I created a model to predict whether a given user would like a given artist. I was thrilled when initial experiments showed that for 99% of the points in my dataset, I gave […]

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Friendly Machine Learning

At Indeed, machine learning is key to our mission of helping people get jobs. Machine learning lets us collect, sort, and analyze millions of job postings a day. In this post, we’ll describe our open-source Java wrapper for a particularly useful machine learning library, and we’ll explain how you can benefit from our work. Challenges […]

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Building a Large-Scale Machine Learning Pipeline for Job Recommendations

(Editor’s note: This post was originally published on With 200 million unique visitors every month, Indeed relies on a recommendation engine that processes billions of input signals every day — resulting in more external online hires than any other source. To create this recommendation engine, we started with a minimum viable product (MVP) built with Apache […]

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