Indeed Coding Duel – UIUC vs UT Austin

On February 19, we hosted the annual Indeed Coding duel between UT Austin and UIUC. Sixty-six contestants, mostly Computer Science and Computer Engineering undergrads, battled it out online for four hours.  As in previous contests, the challenges for the contest were developed by Indeed software engineers, including recent UT and UIUC graduates as well as previous contestants from the renowned global programming contest ACM-ICPC World.

We presented the contestants with seven logic and mathematical problems, and challenged them to solve them with code. The winning programmers solved the most problems in the least amount of time. Three of the top five contestants were from UT, while UIUC was the overall winner with five of the top nine entrants. On top of the bragging rights, the highest-scoring contestants from each school took home cool prizes including Apple iPads, Amazon Kindle Fires, and gift cards.

Room filled with coders.