Bug Bounty Program: Cash Rewards for Reported Vulnerabilities

As part of Indeed’s focus on constantly improving how we help people get jobs, we are proud to announce the rollout of our bug bounty program. Through Bugcrowd, interested security professionals will now be able to disclose vulnerabilities and be rewarded for their efforts.

For every unique submission that leads to a code change, we will be paying between $50 and $1,500. The range is dependent on the type and severity of the vulnerability reported. To view everyone who has helped us so far, or just to see how you stack up against the competition, head on over to the Hall of Fame.

Full details on how you can help us improve our services (and get paid!) can be found on our Bugcrowd site. Please keep in mind that attacks against the current user base are strictly prohibited, as are automated vulnerability scanners. Responsible pen testers should always minimize system degradation and impact against users.

Ready to get started? Sign up at Bugcrowd and join over 10,000 security researchers on the largest and most diverse security testing team in the world.

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