Indeed Expands its Commitment to Open Source

At Indeed, we’re committed to an active role in open source communities. We’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), an open source software foundation dedicated to making cloud-native computing universal and sustainable.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation logo

The CNCF, part of The Linux Foundation, is a vendor-neutral home for fast-growing projects. It promotes collaboration among the industry’s top developers, vendors, and end users. CNCF members include many leading public cloud providers and private cloud companies.

Deciding to join the CNCF was easy for us. We rely on open source technologies like OpenTracing to build and deliver best-of-class products. We believe we can serve job seekers and employers best by ensuring that open source software projects continue to grow.

Open source is now the industry model for practical software development. No longer relegated to Linux companies like Red Hat, the commercial success of open source has accelerated thanks to adoption by large technology companies such as IBM and Oracle. More recently, companies like Walmart and Verizon rely on open source programs and host their own open source projects. Microsoft has also become a major open source contributor.

Our open source projects include Proctor, an A/B testing framework that enables data-driven product design; LSM Tree, a fast key-value store for high-volume random access reads and writes; and our newest release, MPH, an immutable key-value store with efficient space utilization and fast reads.

Cloud strategies that leverage open source projects play an increasingly important role in business success. As a result, the demand for employees with open source development skills is also growing. Indeed research indicates skills in the following areas are in high demand for open source development roles: Java, Python, Git, JavaScript, Node.js, Docker, AngularJS, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services, and Agile.

Our strategic open source initiative involves partnerships, sponsorships and memberships … like our new CNCF role. In the next few months, we plan to announce sponsorships that support critical open source projects and help us engage targeted audiences. We’ll also continue to expand our open source team and become more involved in open source communities.

For updates on Indeed’s open source projects, visit our open source site. If you’re interested in open source roles at Indeed, visit our hiring page.

Doug Gray is the Senior VP of Engineering at Indeed.