Open Source at Indeed: Sponsoring the Open Source Initiative

Open Source Initiative logoAt Indeed, we’re committed to taking a more active role in the open source community. In 2018, we joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and began sponsoring the Python Software Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation, and Outreachy. We also began sponsoring the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and we are pleased to renew our sponsorship for 2019.

Since 1998, the Open Source Initiative was formed to hold the definition of what open source means. The OSI provides the final word when it comes to open source licensing, ensuring a common understanding of which software licenses do and do not adhere to the core open source principles. For more than 20 years, the OSI has done critical work in education and advocacy. We’re excited to be on their list of sponsors as they embark on the next 20 years of their mission.

“Indeed’s active engagement with open source communities highlights that open source software is now fundamental, not only for businesses, but developers as well,” says Patrick Masson, General Manager at the OSI. “Like most companies today, Indeed is a user of and contributor to open source software, and interestingly, Indeed’s research of resumes shows developers are too, as job seekers highlight open source skills and experience to win today’s most sought after jobs across technology.”

As we continue to take a more active role in the open source community, Indeed will seek out additional partnerships, sponsorships, and memberships.

For updates on Indeed’s open source projects, visit our open source site. If you’re interested in open source roles at Indeed, visit our hiring page.

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