Indeed’s FOSS Contributor Fund: 2021 Updates


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Indeed’s FOSS Contributor Fund is now live for 2021. The program enables Indeed employees who make open source contributions to nominate and vote for projects to receive a donation from the fund. We’re proud that the fund has introduced more Indeedians to the open source community. This post shares updates for those interested in adopting a fund of their own. 

What’s new with Indeed’s FOSS Fund

As we enter year three of running the program, we’re excited to announce a few updates for how it will operate in 2021:

  • Previously, we selected one project per month. For 2021, we’ll select three projects each quarter, each receiving $10,000 USD. We are making this change as a way to streamline the operations of running the fund and to improve the overall experience for our open source contributors. We believe a quarterly voting cadence will open up some thoughtful conversations about nominations, eligible projects, and impact.
  • To be eligible to vote on which projects will be selected, Indeed employees will need to participate in open source initiatives during the previous quarter. 
  • For our first quarter in 2021, nominations for the fund will be open through March 31. Our first round of voting will begin on April 15. Anyone at Indeed can nominate a project. 

Updates to our GitHub repo

Indeed Open Source also launched a new FOSS Fund GitHub Pages site. Here, you can find information on how we organize our FOSS Fund and suggestions on how your company can integrate the program. We will continue to update this resource as our fund evolves.

Contact us

If you are interested in joining the community of FOSS Fund adopters, want more information, or would like to join a session, please email us at

Learn more about Indeed’s open source program.

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