Open Source At Indeed: Sponsoring Webpack

Indeed is proud to announce our sponsorship of webpack. Like many other companies, Indeed uses webpack to help deliver a high-quality user experience. Because webpack is so important to our development process, we’re joining our industry peers in supporting and sponsoring the development of this critical open source technology.

Rebecca Murphey, Front-End Engineering Lead at Indeed, notes that “Webpack has been such a key tool in my team’s work to modernize and optimize the front-end development experience at Indeed. I’m so proud that we’re able to give a little bit back to a tool and a community that has provided so much value for us.”  webpack logo

Sean Larkin, from the webpack core team, says, “We are extremely proud and humbled by Indeed’s decision to sponsor webpack. When you sponsor a project, you are not only becoming a stakeholder, but also an investor in your own infrastructure that you rely on every day. It makes a statement that says: ‘We love open source and want to hire people who know and love webpack.’ We look forward to our new partnership with Indeed and are excited to have tight feedback between their team, and help solve problems that not only create lasting value for Indeed, but the open source ecosystem as a whole.”

As Indeed continues to take a more active role in the open source community, we will seek out additional partnerships, sponsorships, and memberships.

Recently, Indeed joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and now sponsors:

For updates on Indeed’s open source projects, visit our open source site. If you’re interested in open source roles at Indeed, visit our hiring page.