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Does Your Job Title Matter?

The Importance of Picking the Right Job Title for Your Job Job titles are often the first interaction between job seekers and employers. As a job seeker searches, they click relevant titles before getting to know the role more deeply through its job description. Calling a job “software engineer” versus “programmer” will likely lead to […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Data Scientist

The Inconsistent Definitions of Data Science and More Descriptive Titles Images from Left to Bottom: 1) Link, By smoothgroover22, License, cropped. 2) Link, By NazWeb, License. 3) Link, By, License. 4) Link, By Wallpoper. 5) Link, By The Opte Project, License, cropped What do you really do? There’s a memorable scene in the movie Office Space where consultants determining employee productivity start by asking, […]

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Market Your Data Science Like a Product

A 7-Step ‘Go-to-Market’ Plan for Your Next Data Product Why do internal tools need marketing? Have you ever developed a great solution that never gets used? Accuracy, statistical significance, model type: none of these matter if your data product is not put into action. Positively impacting your organization as a data scientist means developing high quality […]

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