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IndeedEng Culture: Be Ambitious, Stay Humble

In my previous posts on Indeed’s engineering culture, I wrote about keeping teams independent, making better mistakes, dealing with consolidation debt, encouraging autonomy and initiative, and the importance of not stack ranking individuals. These are my closing thoughts on how we work here at Indeed. Perhaps one of Indeed’s traits that has struck me the […]

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IndeedEng Culture: Don’t Stack Rank

In this post, I stand unabashedly against stack ranking. Evaluate how employees perform, not how they compare. Is this really controversial? If you assign to teams or divisions a fixed budget for bonuses, promotions or stocks, you create de facto a zero-sum game. You need losers to have winners. From that point, you can make […]

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IndeedEng Culture: Encourage Autonomy, Measure Impact

In the previous post, I wrote about innovation and consolidation and the importance of balancing the two. In this post, I write about how Indeed fosters initiative through autonomy. Most compensation systems reward for business impact Engineers get better bonuses when their impact on the business is greater. Fair, right? No, it is not. Engineers […]

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