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IndeedEng Culture: Keep Teams Independent

Editor’s note: Five years ago (see our first post) we launched this blog to talk about the technology we work on every day. Since then, we’ve grown more than ten times and continue to build the software that makes Indeed the #1 job site worldwide. To celebrate, we’re proud to host a week-long series of posts […]

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Indeed Reads: October 2017

The Indeed Engineering blog lets us write about the technologies we get to work with every day. We talk about what works, what sometimes doesn’t work, and how we’re scaling our technologies as a fast growing company. We participate in industry-wide conversations through this blog. We also read a lot of other tech blogs. Indeedians […]

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New Eng Manager at Indeed? First: Write Some Code

I joined Indeed in March 2016 as an “industry hire” manager for software engineers. At Indeed, engineering managers act as individual contributors (ICs) before taking on more responsibilities. Working with my team as an IC prepared me to be a more effective manager. Before my first day, I talked with a few engineering managers about what […]

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