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Why I Unit Test

If you’ve done any software development in the last fifteen years, you’ve heard people harping on the importance of unit testing. Your manager might have come to you and said “Unit tests are great! They document the code, reduce the risk of adding bugs, and reduce the cost and risk of making changes so we […]

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Open-Source Interactive Data Analytics with Imhotep

We are excited to announce the open-source availability of Imhotep, the interactive data analytics platform that powers data-driven decision making at Indeed. When we test changes to our applications and services, whether to our user interface or our backend algorithms, we measure how those changes affect job seekers. We built Imhotep to allow our engineering […]

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Using Proctor for A/B Testing from a Non-Java Platform

We’re excited to announce the open sourcing of proctor-pipet, a tool we created that allows you to deploy Proctor as a remote service. proctor-pipet is a Java web application that exposes Proctor as a simple REST API accessible over HTTP. This means that you can do A/B testing in applications written in non-JVM languages like Python. […]

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