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Proctor: Indeed’s A/B Testing Framework

(Editor’s Note: This post is the first of a series about Proctor, Indeed’s open source A/B testing framework.) A/B Testing at Indeed Indeed’s mission is to help people get jobs. We are always asking ourselves the question “What’s best for the jobseeker?” We answer that question by testing and measuring everything. We strive to test […]

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Efficient Query String Parsing with util-urlparsing

We’re excited to announce the open source release of util-urlparsing, a Java library we created to parse URL query strings without unnecessary intermediate object creation. It also includes number parsing methods in ParseUtils that are faster than Java’s equivalent methods like Integer.parseInt and Float.parseFloat. Java versions 1.6 and lower have a significant flaw that leads […]

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@IndeedEng: “Boxcar: A self-balancing distributed services protocol” slides & video

On October 30th, we hosted the ninth talk in the @IndeedEng speaker series in our Austin office. Software engineer R.B. Boyer presented “Boxcar: A self-balancing distributed services protocol,” discussing how Boxcar allows us to achieve system availability, scalability, and maintainability in our service-oriented architecture. The complete video of the talk is embedded below, along with […]

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