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Luck, Latitude, or Lemons? How Indeed Locates for Low Latency

Indeed likes being fast. Similar to published studies (Speed Matters and Velocity and the Bottom Line), our internal numbers validate the benefits of speed. It makes sense: a snappy site allows job seekers to achieve their goals with less frustration and wasted time. Application processing time, however, is only part of the story, and in […]

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Status: A Java Library For Robust System Status Health Checks

We are excited to highlight the open source availability of Status, a Java library that can report a system’s status in a readable format. The Status library enables dynamic health checks and monitoring of system dependencies. In this post, we will show how to add health checks to your applications. Why use system status health […]

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Finding Great (and Profitable) Ideas in the Computer Science Literature

I spend quite a bit of time trawling through recent computer science papers, looking for anything algorithmic that might improve my team’s product and Help People Get Jobs. It’s been a mixed bag so far, often turning up a bunch of pretty math that won’t scale at Indeed. But looking through the computer science literature can […]

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