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Indeed Open Source: All Things Open 2019 Speakers

We’re excited to have three Indeed representatives presenting at All Things Open this year. Join us in Raleigh, NC October 13-15 for engaging discussions. Sustaining FOSS Projects by Democratizing the Sponsorship Process Tuesday, October 15 | 10:45am | Room 201 Speaker: Duane O’Brien, Indeed head of open source Within a given company, there are typically […]

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IndeedEng: Proud Supporters of the Open Source Community

At Indeed, open source is at the core of everything we do. Our collaboration with the open source community allows us to develop solutions that help people get jobs. As active participants in the community, we believe it is important to give back. This is why we are dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the […]

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The FOSS Contributor Fund: Six Months In

Early this year we began an internal FOSS Contributor Fund and invited everyone at Indeed to participate. Why? We wanted to support the open source community in a meaningful way. So we decided to democratize the decision-making process and encourage individual contributions. FOSS: Free or Open Source Software Our unique approach aligns with the ideals […]

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