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Metrics-Driven Process Improvement: A Case Study

In the previous post, I described how we use a measure-question-learn-improve cycle to refine development processes. To reiterate: Measure everything we possibly can. Learn by asking questions and exploring the data we’ve collected. Use our learnings to try to improve. Measure continuously to confirm improvement. At Indeed, we get as much data as we can […]

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Imhotep: Scalable, Efficient, and Fast

This post is the first in a five-part series on improving the development process (and coaching developers) with metrics-driven insights. Move fast and try things — that’s how we develop products at Indeed. We don’t believe in betting on a small number of great ideas. Instead, we bet on exploring lots of ideas as quickly […]

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Open Source At Indeed: Sponsoring Webpack

Indeed is proud to announce our sponsorship of webpack. Like many other companies, Indeed uses webpack to help deliver a high-quality user experience. Because webpack is so important to our development process, we’re joining our industry peers in supporting and sponsoring the development of this critical open source technology. Rebecca Murphey, Front-End Engineering Lead at […]

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