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Using Metrics to Improve the Development Process (and Coach People)

In the previous post, I described Imhotep, our scalable, efficient, and fast open source data analytics platform. Imhotep helps us use metrics at Indeed for fast, iterative experimentation, which drives improvement to our products. Improving process and coaching people We use the same tools and techniques to improve development processes, following a measure-question-learn-improve cycle: Measure […]

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Delaying Asynchronous Message Processing

At Indeed, we always consider what’s best for the job seeker. When a job seeker applies for a job, we want them to have every opportunity to be hired. It is unacceptable for a job seeker to miss an employment opportunity because their application was waiting to be processed while the employer makes a hire. […]

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Automating Indeed’s Release Process

Indeed’s rapid growth has presented us with many challenges, especially to our release process. Our largely manual process did not scale and became a bottleneck. We decided to develop a custom solution. The lessons we learned in automating our process can be applied to any rapidly growing organization that wants to maintain software quality and developer […]

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